A little Snow Shreddit

IT SNOWED! So me and my bestie Hanna headed out to TegeFjäll (in Åre, Sweden) where we met up with a group of our girlfriends who are testing a new ski design. Regular piste runs just seemed boring after a little sprinkle of fresh snow, so we decided to hike up above the lifts to where the good stuff was! (We all had transceivers and avi gear, don't worry).  We didn't want to hike for too long as the girls needed to get as many laps as possible, so we dropped in fairly low, but high enough to get some untouched snow. The terrain isn't that steep, but with perfectly spaced trees and some fresh pow, I was more than content. Despite the low visibility up top and that one rock I nailed (1:27 in), the conditions were awesome.  The girls had to split but Hanna and I continued shredding until we got hungry.  There's a teepee on the mountain run by a bunch of Englishmen (and women), so we stopped in there for a bite and some Fika (Swedish for coffee and a baked good) while drying our gloves and getting cozy by the fire.  All in all a rad day and a good excuse to test out my new GoPro Hero5 !