Daily dose of Vitamin A

So many of us get wrapped up in the stresses and grind of daily life: work, appointments, homework, schedules, spouses, pets, bills, or general responsibility.  Whatever might weigh you down, we all feel some kind of devotion to our stresses. We starve ourselves of simple joys and experiences because we "should" be doing something more responsible with our time. Yes, deadlines are deadlines and we can't ignore that, however sometimes wasting 3 hours on instagram/facebook/tv because we "should" be getting something else done and therefore won't allow ourselves to have fun, is completely ridiculous. Essentially, if you're going to procrastinate, go procrastinate outside and make it a soul-nourishing experience!! Grab a headlamp, a friend, a thermos and get out there!!

One of the joys of living on the North Shore is that adventure is at your doorstep.  With work in the afternoon and an art project to do, I set out nice and early with my buddy Sofie to grab some vitamin A (for Awesome) before my day started.  We hiked up to Eagle Bluffs, starting in the parking lot at the top of Cypress. With a thermos full of morning brew from Bean Around the World, and some snacks, it only took us about 1:15hrs of chatting to reach our destination.  3hour round trip and we were back to reality getting on with our day, holding close to us the awesome experience we just had. Another great one was St Marks Summit, (which I've talked about before) which also starts at the top of Cypress and is about a 3hr journey as well (including time for snacks and photos, duh).  We searched out the first snow, and came back to our trucks giddy with excitement for the coming winter, wind-kissed cheeks and a new sense of clarity.  Making time to get outside a priority is, what I believe, one of the biggest improvements someone can make to their life.  Clean eating, getting outside, connecting to friends. It's what we were made for. Lets not forget that.