Micayla Gatto

Photo by Bruin Alexander.

Why I ride:

Since I was a little girl biking was an escape, an escape to a place that made me absolutely focused and content. I don’t ride simply because I enjoy it, more so because I cant imagine my life without it. As my career has moved forward, this question of “why I ride” has become more and more intriguing to me. It has filled me with the
obvious answers: for the love of the sport, to inspire others to follow their passions, to motivate people to get out and challenge themselves. But for me, specifically, biking has become a form of creativity and expression, a vessel and platform to tell stories and build perspective. Like a musician with an instrument, an artist with a brush, my bike is an extension of who I am, it is my tool to connect and relate, inspire and motivate.

Why I paint:

To me, maintaining balance in life is so important. Art is my way of creating equilibrium between athletic endeavour, the very social, camera-facing work I do in Media, with the more mindful, introverted, creative side of myself. The hours of painting connect me to my time in the mountains as I re-create the beauty and feeling of contentment I find outdoors. It is a grounding I believe builds a deeper connection to the world around me. Since I was young, pencils and brushes were in my hands; it was something that my parents encouraged and instilled in me, a sense of wonder that poured out and expressed itself through Art.

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